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The tapestry of the world unravels, time and space reduced to so much rubble strewn throughout the halls of memory... Out from the ashes, from before the dawn, from after the cataclysm - an astonishing, piercing sound sends waves throughout the cosmos! Spanning the cosmos with their spectacular trans-dimensional rock, and here for your delight, BEHOLD! The magnificent machinations of The Extraordinary Contraptions!

Extraordinary Adventures...

The Extraordinary Contraptions rocking out at Time Lord Party II!

This is an unreleased song set to come out on their upcoming EP!

Hear more at:


House show - The Extraordinary Contraptions | Facebook

Rocking out at Timelord Part II, invited back a second year by Markstercon!

{dor} It is a new year (in this dimension!) and there are exciting things happening in the world of the Contraptions! New songs! New instruments! New arrangements of old favorites. The band continues to evolve and bring you great, eclectic rock and roll.

With plans for a new EP in the works and more video content, 2017 is going to bring some great new stuff.

With our first successful house show under their belt, keep an eye out for more streaming and house show performances, just for you.

Snippet of New Song - Live!

Black Friday House Show

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