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The tapestry of the world unravels, time and space reduced to so much rubble strewn throughout the halls of memory... Out from the ashes, from before the dawn, from after the cataclysm - an astonishing, piercing sound sends waves throughout the cosmos! Spanning the cosmos with their spectacular trans-dimensional rock, and here for your delight, BEHOLD! The magnificent machinations of The Extraordinary Contraptions!

Extraordinary Adventures...

Bedtime Plushies: Goodnight Dune! with The Extraordinary Contraptions

Happy New Year!

Reports from Contraption-land

Your favorite time-traveling band of scientists, explorers and artists are going to be back strong in 2018. New content, new songs, and more fun!

We are working hard in the studio right now to bring you some of the best tunes yet.

Folks we are listening to what is likely the final mix of our new and upcoming song, Forfeit, which we are so excited to share with you.  We actually have quite a few songs in the mixing stage, presently, and we are in the midst of tracking several more.  Aelus’ studio at the Asylum has upped our level of ability to make jaw-droppingly clean and powerful recordings, and this latest song is a mix of recordings done in the Keep and the Asylum.   For those of you who have been waiting, thank you for your patience and support.  As in all things Contraptions, ideas have been thrown around, avenues walked and then walked back, but the songs we are working on now are some of the most exciting work we’ve ever done, so thanks for your support, and keep your ear to the ground!  EC music is on its way!!!

{dor} Coming in March! A fabulous new studio single from our favorite dimension-hopping pop-rock prog-rockers!

“When She Goes Down!” Information and platform availability coming soon.

Ever Forward!

{Dor} Greetings, time-monkeys!
DIY recording can be a very time consuming process. The upside - one can wear pajamas when in the booth! Last night, Teodore, Dimitri, and Sephora all added their support vocals to the second new track that will be coming your way. This mysterious tale of betrayal has many layers and features some of the new and updated instruments that have been acquired since the last album release.

We’re super excited to start sharing the new tracks with you! Stay tuned!

Steampunk Night at Club Famous (Extraordinary Contraptions / Psyche Corporation / Doctor Q)

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