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The tapestry of the world unravels, time and space reduced to so much rubble strewn throughout the halls of memory... Out from the ashes, from before the dawn, from after the cataclysm - an astonishing, piercing sound sends waves throughout the cosmos! Spanning the cosmos with their spectacular trans-dimensional rock, and here for your delight, BEHOLD! The magnificent machinations of The Extraordinary Contraptions!

Extraordinary Adventures...

Greetings from the studio! We’ve got many fantastic projects in the works. We’re recording and releasing some singles over the next few months so be on the lookout for that! We’re also working on a great big secret project! It’s a lot of work so we beg your patience. But we promise it’ll be worth the wait!

When She Goes Down, by The Extraordinary Contraptions

{dor} Coming in March! A fabulous new studio single from our favorite dimension-hopping pop-rock prog-rockers!

“When She Goes Down!” Information and platform availability coming soon.

House show - The Extraordinary Contraptions | Facebook

Ever Forward!

{Dor} Greetings, time-monkeys!
DIY recording can be a very time consuming process. The upside - one can wear pajamas when in the booth! Last night, Teodore, Dimitri, and Sephora all added their support vocals to the second new track that will be coming your way. This mysterious tale of betrayal has many layers and features some of the new and updated instruments that have been acquired since the last album release.

We’re super excited to start sharing the new tracks with you! Stay tuned!

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