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The tapestry of the world unravels, time and space reduced to so much rubble strewn throughout the halls of memory... Out from the ashes, from before the dawn, from after the cataclysm - an astonishing, piercing sound sends waves throughout the cosmos! Spanning the cosmos with their spectacular trans-dimensional rock, and here for your delight, BEHOLD! The magnificent machinations of The Extraordinary Contraptions!

Extraordinary Adventures...

Black Friday House Show

Smote | The Extraordinary Contraptions

{Dor} Yet another fantastical instrument spotlighted by The Contraptions! This time, it is Dimitri’s own custom electric standup bass. Have a look and check out this cool contraptionatronic device! ‪#‎steampunk‬ ‪#‎custominstruments‬


The planet of Cephalapod 5, most definitely! Aelus offended the King and we faced inevitable tentacular doom! If not, of course, for the fast thinking of Dimitri and his Temporal Tempura Batter Blaster…. I suppose the encounter ended up a little tasty.
- Sephora, when asked what is her least favorite experience during the group’s dimensional an temporal travels.

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